Miquel Wert (1982) is a Spanish/Swedish painter who currently lives and works in Barcelona (Spain).

Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, his paintings and drawings are exhibited internationally since 2000 in multiple solo and group exhibitions.

His solo shows include “Sala d’Art Jove de la Generalitat” (Barcelona, Spain), “Cinémanivel” (Redon, France), “KGallery” (Milano, Italy), “Espace d’Art et de Création El Teatro” (Tunis, Tunisia), “TPK Arts Plàstiques – Centre d’Art Tecla Sala” (L’H, Barcelona, Spain), “Galerie Art du Temps” (Cléon-d’Andran, France) “Galerie Charlot” (Paris, France), “Galerie Beseda” (Ostrava, Czech Rep) or “C.C.Fort Pienc” (Barcelona, Spain).
He collaborates regularly with “Galeria Esther Montoriol” (Barcelona, Spain) and he is represented by the “Galerie Art du Temps” (Cléon-d’Andran, France), “Galerie Charlot” (Paris, France) and “Galeria Anquins” (Reus, Spain) with which is preparing his first solo exhibition.

He has been awarded fellowships from the “Cercle Artístic de St. Lluc”, “Torrearte” and “Jiser: Reflexions Mediterrànies”.

His works are held in the collection of the University of Barcelona (Spain), Blütenweiss Archive (Germany), JISER (Spain/Tunisia) and private collections in Czech Republic, France, Germany, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia and United Kingdom.

An important part of his work was created in Tunisia and France where he lived for some years.